"It is much easier to be critical than correct" Disraeli

It is very certain that additional length provides no answer to the problem of the ball.

The brute, poor devil, can deserve no mercy.

No course is a truly great one unless it requires to be intimately known either to the player or his caddy.

The element of luck, as it presents itself on our famous courses, is an essential attribute of the game at its best.

Competitive golf is chiefly responsible for this tendency to eliminate chance to the utmost possible extent, to design courses of absolute and relentless justice.

About 90% of criticisms by members are due to invincible ignorance.

"In 82 years Tom Simpson has touched life at an enviable number of points and I have always attributed to this fact his refusal to produce for golfing clients anything which he himself deemed humdrum, however much they desired it - as they often did" Longhurst on Simpson

Sir, my typist, being a lady, cannot take down what I should like to say to you. I, being a gentleman must not say it. You, being neither, will comprehend what I mean.

"I saw Tom Simpson at Sunningdale yesterday. He told me that Spain where he has been making some new courses and Switzerland are the only two civilised countries in Europe. I always thought he was a bit mad, but now he appears to be completely 'bats'." John Morrison in a letter to Hugh Alison in 1949

Now in golf course design, the obvious thing is almost invariably the wrong thing.