The Society, through its members, has accumulated a good deal of information on Simpson. These include:

a. extracts from the “Golf Architect’s Bible” as well.

b. extracts from his old scrapbook

c. copies of original reports on courses, such as Muirfield, Ballybunion and County Louth

d. Press cuttings from newspapers and journals (some from the scrapbook)

e. Articles on him written by other such as Darwin and Longhurst

f. Extracts of Club histories that refer to his involvement on their courses, such as Woking, Royal Porthcawl, Cruden Bay, New Zealand and North Hants

g. Biographical information from the likes of Cornish and Whitten and the Shell Encyclopaedia of Golf.

A full catalogue is being prepared now. Further information is always being sought.

The aim is to have a Society Archivist who will be responsible for collating information and keeping members up to date with new information.

The goal is to find as many original reports as possible and to create an accurate timeline for his life and works.